Health Sector


A major regional public health authority in Western Australia identified the need to improve the customer experience for people interacting with them as patients, carers and visitors. To enable an improvement to take place the authority provided staff employed in regional hospitals with the skills to manage difficult situations, improve staff morale and create better working relationships.

The challenge

A tailored training service was contracted to deliver the following:

  • Conduct a review of the workforce training needs
  • Define the training need
  • Prepare customised and tailored training programs
  • Ensure the use of actual health sector case studies and scenarios
  • Deliver training to a broad range of health professionals within a demanding work environment and busy schedule
  • Adapt training delivery to suit changing circumstances

The JGC Group approach

JGC Group designed a customised, focused training program to deliver immediate improvements to performance and results.

  • Training programs were built around interactive and participative workshop style sessions that use personal and prior experience to highlight key principles and practices
  • Trainers use a repository of case studies, best practice strategies, workplace examples and training success stories in training programs to reinforce key messages
  • Training is practical, focused, personal, informative and fun
  • Training programs are results-focused and deliver specific and measurable results including using metrics such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The result

The training program is ongoing and feedback and program evaluations show the training has been well received. Participants are already putting into practice the techniques and tools presented during the sessions. Measurement of the customer experience will occur further down the track.