Vocational Education and Training Quality Standards


The quality of Vocational Education and Training (VET) outcomes and the knowledge and skills of recent VET graduates is a continuing concern for employers. There is a significant body of evidence to show that many employers are dissatisfied with the quality of VET.

There are national standards that underpin the delivery of VET programs and govern the quality of VET training providers. The primary focus of the standards has been on the type and level of assessment that is applied. To date there have been no quality standards focused on the delivery methods and strategies applied to training.

In mid-2013 a project was commissioned by the Australian Government to consider the development and application of delivery standards in VET programs.

The challenge

The Australian Government required the following:

  • Understanding the quality of VET programs and specifically the impact of the delivery on quality
  • Engaging with a broad range of VET stakeholders throughout Australia to build support for potential changes
  • Creating models that help establish and define the quality of VET delivery
  • Testing the quality models with key VET stakeholders
  • Develop a formal report with key findings and recommendations

The JGC Group approach

The project activity included a major literature review and analysis of a broad range of documentation related to the quality of VET delivery. In addition focus group sessions and individual consultations with senior VET stakeholders were held across the country.

  • Consultative work, focus groups and workshop sessions were carried out using experienced and skilled facilitators with strong content knowledge. (It is JGC Group’s policy to never allocate junior or inexperienced staff for this type of work.)
  • Key issues were identified and realistic quality models and processes were developed that can be applied within existing resources
  • JGC Group developed key recommendations and engaged directly with key groups and individuals

The result

The result of the project was a formal report and recommendations for the application and management of national training and assessment measures. The recommendations are being considered as part of a broader national review of VET quality.

A downloadable copy of the report is available on the VET quality area of the Industry Skills Council site at www.isc.org.au