International TVET

JGC Group has established a team of Australian TVET experts with strong expertise and broad international experience in the design, development and implementation of national competency frameworks, occupational standards, TVET structures and systems and career pathways accreditation, certification and qualifications frameworks and a range of other areas aligned to the development of a skilled, national workforce.

JGC Group Pty Ltd is an Australian proprietary limited company based in Perth, Western Australia.

JGC Group is registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), the Australian Government’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator.

The Australian Company Number (ACN) and the Australian Business Number (ABN) for JGC Group are as follows:

  • ACN 147 391 197
  • ABN 32 147 391 197

The JGC Group team is comprised of senior professionals with highly successful careers in both the Australian public and private sectors prior to their entry into consultancy work. The JGC Group team has extensive expertise and experience in the:

  • Design, development, establishment and management of competency frameworks, competency-based learning approaches and skills development systems;
  • Development and application of occupational profiles, occupational skill standards and career pathways;
  • Implementation and management of skills recognition, accreditation and qualification frameworks;
  • Establishment and implementation of competence assessment and certification systems;
  • Development and delivery of vocational education and training (VET) programs across a broad range of industry sectors at the secondary and post-secondary levels;
  • Design and application of large scale stakeholder engagement strategies including facilitation and training programs;
  • Roll-out of major public sector VET initiatives; and
  • Operation of international skills standards, competency based VET systems and qualification frameworks and processes.

The JGC Group team has recent, relevant experience in the following countries:

  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Qatar
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Timor-Leste

The members of the JGC Group team were instrumental at the most senior of levels in the design, development and establishment of the Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) System and have remained actively engaged in the growth and continuous improvement of the system.

The Australian VET System is recognised globally as an industry responsive and innovative education and training model.

The Australian approach has been used to guide and instruct the establishment of TVET systems around the world.

The Australian VET system is an integral component of the broader Australian economic framework and is used to design, develop and maintain skills and competencies relevant to the labour market and to support the competitiveness and productivity of Australian industry.

The JGC Group team has utilised and applied its expertise and experience with the Australian VET system to good effect in other jurisdictions and has assisted government to design, develop, renew and improve national, regional and industry specific TVET models.

The expertise and experience of the JGC Group team extends to a detailed knowledge and understanding of education and training approaches developed through contracts, study tours, networks and partnerships in the United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavia, Central America, South East Asia, the Pacific and Gulf regions.


The International TVET team includes

JGC Group Director, Gary Collins

JGC Group Director, Gary Collins is an expert in the establishment, implementation and management of national competency and qualification frameworks, in the development and application of skill standards, occupation and job profiles and the design, development and application of competence assessment systems.

Gary was previously the Executive Director, Client Services at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia and in that role was responsible for education, training and labour market policy and for the delivery of vocational education and training services to industry.

Gary’s work in Australia in the employment, education and training area, both in the development of services and through his contribution to national policy development, is well known. He is recognised as a leading expert on skills shortage and skills availability causes and issues and finding solutions to these problems.

Gary has worked on International Labour Organisation (ILO) projects in Singapore and Thailand associated with the development of skills frameworks, policies and programs and in the establishment of reciprocal business arrangements with employer organisations and training providers in the United Kingdom. He was a key member of the Australian/German Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) expert study group.

Gary served as a Ministerial appointment on the National Training Quality Council and during that time was the Chair of the High Level Review of Training Packages that redefined and improved the process for competency development in Australia.
Gary’s recent consultancy work has included his role as Project Manager and Lead Consultant for the Energy Industry Competency Framework project in Brunei Darussalam.

Gary holds higher education qualifications in a Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor of Education from Curtin University of Technology and a Master of Education from Murdoch University.

Senior Associate, Robert Player

Senior Associate, Robert Player is an expert in the establishment, implementation and management of national competency and qualification frameworks and in the strategic planning, systems, protocols and policies that support skills recognition, accreditation and certification processes.

Robert was previously the Deputy Director General of Education and Training in Western Australia and prior to that had over 20 years experience in the TVET sector, including Managing Director of the Challenger Institute of Technology in Western Australia.
Robert’s recent consulting work has included the following overseas projects:

  • Expert advisor with the Boston Consulting Group in Qatar advising the Government on training and continuous education as part of the development of Qatar’s National Development Strategy 2011-2016
  • Lead consultant on the Energy Industry Competency Framework project in Brunei Darussalam
  • Expert advisor in development of the Timor-Leste Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) plan 2011- 2030.
  • Expert advisor in the preparation of the District Skills Analysis in the oil and gas sector and key supporting industries in the Suai District of Timor-Leste.

Robert holds higher education qualifications in a Graduate Diploma in Education, Graduate Diploma in Personnel and Industrial Relations, Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Education.

Senior Associate, Jeanette Allen

Senior Associate, Jeanette Allen is an expert in the development, implementation and management of competency frameworks, the development of competence and occupational standards, the alignment of competencies and standards with qualification frameworks and job roles and the application of stakeholder engagement strategies.

Jeanette was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Service Skills Australia, the recognised national Industry Skills Council for the service industries and in that role was responsible for the development, management and maintenance of competency standards and vocational qualifications for a number of industry sectors with the largest number of employees in Australia.

Jeanette’s profile and status is illustrated by her appointments and roles on the following relevant boards, committees and groups:

  • Ministerial appointment to the New South Wales Council for Women’s Economic Opportunity
  • Chairperson and Director of the International Professional Standards Network
  • Chairperson and Director of World Skills Australia

In addition to her work in Australia, Jeanette has been involved in a range of overseas projects including:

  • Expert Advisor to the National Skills Development Corporation of India on the policies and processes for the establishment of Indian Sector Skills Councils
  • Expert Advisor to the Retail Sector Skills Council of India on the drafting of frameworks for the development of competency standards and aligned qualifications
  • Expert Presenter to the Skills Committee of the Government of Panama on the requirements for the development of TVET frameworks
  • Consultant on the benchmarking of competencies and skills for cooks and chefs in China on behalf of the Australian Department of Industry

Jeanette holds higher education qualifications in a Diploma of Education from the Brisbane College of Advanced Education and a Bachelor of Education and Master of Education from the University of South Australia.

Senior Associate, Lynne Butler

Senior Associate, Lynne Butler is an expert in the establishment and implementation of international TVET programs and in the use of skills development programs to support disadvantaged groups.

Lynne has a specific focus on the use of TVET strategies to support development activity in countries that are recovering from conflict and social upheaval.

Lynne was previously the Chief Technical Adviser for the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Timor-Leste working on strategies for youth employment and prior to that was the TVET Technical Specialist in the same country.

During her time in Timor-Leste, Lynne was responsible for the development of policies and practices related to the certification of national competency based qualifications, the accreditation of training providers, the quality of training provision and the establishment of industry skills consultative arrangements.

With over 20 years experience in TVET in Australia and internationally Ms Butler has worked at both practitioner and policy development level. After many years working in Indigenous education and training in Western Australia, she worked as a training and development consultant in Timor-Leste and Aceh for over eight years.

Lynne holds higher level qualifications in Bachelor of Arts, Social Science and a Master of Social Science by Research in International Development both from Curtin University of Technology. She has conducted extensive research on the requirements for education and training in post-conflict countries.

Senior Associate, Wendy Dunne

Senior Associate, Wendy Dunne is an expert in strategic planning, systems, protocols and policies that support skills, workforce and competence development systems, the development and implementation of education and training recognition and assessment systems and in the design and delivery of stakeholder engagement and consultation processes.

Wendy has a particular area of focus and interest in how TVET frameworks can assist disadvantaged and at-risk groups.

Wendy was previously the United Nations – International Labour Organisation (ILO) TVET Advisor and Policy Officer in Timor Leste and in that role provided strategic advice to the Secretary of State, Prime Minister’s Office and the Department of Vocational Training and Employment on the development of skills, competence and training for the nation’s TVET Plan.

Wendy holds a higher education qualification in a Bachelor of Social Science from Edith Cowan University.

Senior Associate, Jamie Mackaway

Senior Associate, Jamie Mackaway is an expert in the Australian vocational education and training system, including training provider registration, recognition and quality assurance arrangements and product accreditation systems and processes. Jamie has extensive international experience in providing consultancy services to Governments on the establishment of workforce skills development frameworks and systems.

Jamie previously held executive level positions in the Western Australian vocational education and training system. In his most recent role, he was the Director, Strategic Development at the Central Institute of Technology (CIT), one of Western Australia’s largest public TVET providers.

Jamie’s recent project activity includes:

  • Development of CIT’s Higher Education Strategy leading to the Institute being accredited as a higher education provider delivering degree programs, in partnership with Western Australia’s leading universities.
  • Re-modeling of CIT’s International Strategy leading to the commissioning of consultancies in India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia, including the conduct of projects through the Australia-India Education Council to introduce vocational education and training (VET) programs in Indian schools and to the customization of the Australian VET trainer qualification for India.

Senior Associate, Jim Syrmas

Senior Associate, Jim Syrmas is an expert in school to work transition policies and programs and has worked at senior levels within the Australian and South Australian Governments in this area. Jim has extensive experience in VET matters with a particular interest in the use of TVET to support the entry of young people into the workplace.

Jim was the General Manager of Enterprise and Vocational Education in the South Australian Department of Education, Training and Employment and then took up an executive level position in Canberra with the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST). At DEST, Jim was responsible for the establishment of a national career and transition strategy.

Jim continued his work in the careers and transition area with the Australian Enterprise and Career Education Foundation (ECEF) as its National Director of Policy and Strategic Planning.

Jim’s recent consultancy work includes his role as a consultant on the Energy Industry Competency Framework project in Brunei Darussalam.

Jim holds Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor of Science qualifications from Flinders University, South Australia.