Our Team

JGC Group is a highly experienced team that offers a broad range of services to assist organisations develop efficient, productive and positive workplaces. Our expertise covers a broad scope of strategic and operational support in workforce development, planning, skills training, and workforce equity and diversity programs.

We are proud of the quality work delivered by the JGC Group. We believe our point of difference is a unique combination of knowledge, expertise and practical experience underpinned by direct, practical and no-nonsense advice that ensures the services we provide satisfy the client’s requirements.

With the range of experience and expertise within the JGC Group, clients can be assured that we are able to provide a solution based approach to all projects. Through our extensive networks we can call upon other associates to assist with various projects to ensure our clients achieve the best outcomes.


Jan Collins












Jan is a highly skilled facilitator and presenter and has delivered hundreds of customised training programs for private sector companies and government departments and agencies during more than 20 years as an independent consultant.

Jan is responsible for all training and development services provided by JGC Group and is directly involved in the development and delivery of programs in change management, working in teams, dealing with difficult situations and clients, performance management and setting and implementing service standards.

Jan provides training, learning and development, facilitation and business improvement services to the public and private sectors.


Gary Collins











Prior to establishing his own consultancy business, Gary was the Executive Director, Client Services at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia and in that role provided the executive level management for a broad range of business activities in areas such as group apprenticeships, vocational education and training, industrial and employee relations, occupational safety and health, member services, international trade and business services.

Gary provides a range of planning, skills development, workforce development and workplace improvements services to companies and government agencies throughout Australia.

Gary holds a Diploma of Teaching and a Bachelor of Education from Curtin University and a Master of Education from Murdoch University.

Robert Player











As the former Deputy Director General of the Western Australian Department of Education and Training, Robert played a major role in reforming and shaping both the Australian national and Western Australian state training and workforce development agendas.

Robert was responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Western Australian vocational education and training system and the state’s workforce development initiatives.

Robert provides strategic advice in relation to workforce development and improvement to a range of organisations in the public and private sectors. In addition to his work in Australia, Robert has assisted governments in Qatar, Brunei and East Timor with skills and workforce development initiatives.

Robert has a Masters Degree in Education, Graduate Diploma in Education, Bachelor of Commerce and a Gradate Diploma in Personnel and Industrial Relations.


Our Values


  • We provide objective, evidence-based advice that is in the best interests of our clients.
  • We are frank and fearless with the advice we give.
  • We are truthful with our clients in all circumstances.


  • We can be relied upon to deliver on our promise.
  • We respect and maintain client confidentiality.
  • We can be trusted to work in the best interests of each of our clients.


  • We are passionate about what we do.
  • We have fun.


  • We charge what we are worth.
  • We will not compromise on quality to compete on price.
  • We maintain the highest standards and produce the best quality work.


  • We are responsive to client needs.
  • We recognise and appreciate the pressures that impact on our clients.


  • We treat each other and our clients in a respectful way.
  • We are a family friendly business.