Our Services

At JGC Group we offer services designed to produce a positive business outcome for organisations of any size.

We focus on planning as a key element in business performance, together with enhancing skills and improving employee engagement to create a high quality, productive working environment.

We offer our services across the following areas:




The changing labour market and the need for flexible, skilled and motivated workers means that organisations cannot leave the important task of finding, training and retaining employees to chance. Simply advertising to fill key roles does not ensure an organisation gets the people it needs.

Workforce development is the process of attracting, retaining and developing people who will contribute fully in the efficient operation of a successful organisation. JGC Group understands the importance of planning and can support organisations in the development of strategies and with the implementation of plans.

As part of its work in assisting organisations to operate effectively with employees who enjoy being at work and are actively engaged in the work of the organisation, JGC Group has developed a practical and easy to apply model to allow an organisation to consider the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of staff.

Through the delivery of workshop sessions and the provision of tools and techniques, we are able to assist organisations create more productive, better focused and engaged staff through the application of our unique Three Dimensions of Job Satisfaction© model.

In addition, if you need assistance to improve workplace morale and turn disengaged and disinterested employees into high-performing and motivated workers our model will assist you.

At JGC Group we are proud of the work we have done to support the employment of Aboriginal people in a broad range of occupations and industries.

We have expertise and experience in the development and implementation of workforce development strategies for Indigenous Australians.

We assist companies to develop Indigenous employment plans and ensure appropriate pre-employment training and ongoing workplace support services are in place for Aboriginal employees.

Whatever your requirements, JGC Group can offer sound advice and practical support to ensure you have an efficient current workforce and plans in place to guarantee you get the right employees for the future.



The JGC Group team has worked with national and state governments on a range of strategic questions where broad stakeholder engagement and the coordination of a diversity of views needed to be managed.

We have the experience and expertise to analyse and remedy complex organisational issues and problems and we offer pragmatic and practical solutions. We are recognised for the objective, efficient and straightforward way we approach all of our strategic work – we can be relied upon to quickly identify the issues, engage with key players, analyse the situation, offer workable , realistic and achievable solutions.

JGC Group can provide a full service for your organisation’s strategic and operational planning requirements. We can help you to define or improve your strategic direction, facilitate the creation of strategic plans and performance measures, cascade strategy to business and operational plans and help you align sales, service, marketing and promotional activities to your strategic plan.

We have worked with organisations in the completion of a broad range of reviews and reports based on qualitative and quantitative research methods.
In addition, we can provide tools to ensure the effective monitoring, management and measurement of all planning processes.



All organisations need employees who are skilled and proficient in the duties and tasks they need to do to efficiently perform their role.

Regardless of size, most organisations invest in training and other workplace supports to train workers and improve skills. The JGC Group believe that there needs to be a clear, tangible and measurable benefit from this investment so we provide workplace training, coaching and mentoring services designed to produce positive changes in work habits and behaviours.

JGC Group will design and deliver short programs aligned to identified workplace needs and coordinate and manage the delivery of longer, accredited training from other training providers where a specific skills focus is required – all with the very clear focus of bottom line improvement.

We see workforce training as a component of a broader workforce development strategy and we encourage the organisations we work with to consider overall skill requirements and operational needs before simply applying a training solution.

JGC Group provides clients with structured, focused and cost effective training solutions.

International TVET


JGC Group is able to provide services in the design, development and implementation of national competency frameworks, occupational standards, TVET structures and systems, career pathways, accreditation, certification and qualifications frameworks and a range of other areas aligned to the development of a skilled, national workforce.

The JGC Group team can assist government from the policy development level through to stakeholder engagement and the implementation of new systems.

The JGC Group team has worked with national and state governments on a range of TVET projects in Australia and in India, Qatar, Brunei, Timor Leste, Cambodia and Vietnam.

We have the experience and expertise to analyse and understand the environment in which we are working and to deliver pragmatic and practical solutions that suit local requirements. Our intention always is to ensure the establishment of TVET structures and systems that are sustainable and that will produce a highly skilled, local workforce. We do not subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ model.

Our team members have an extensive work history in TVET and have applied their skills from the practitioner level as TVET teachers and trainers, to the highest policy setting levels as senior public servants and private sector executives. We understand the needs of government, industry and the TVET system and the requirement for integrated and cooperative arrangements to ensure effective workforce and skills development practices. more